Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the last few months, you probably know that Blackmagic has released their new Pocket Cinema Camera.  A sick lil camera that shoots native ProRes(HQ) and (as of a couple days ago) RAW .DNG sequences.  And it's all for under $1000!  Good deal, right?

As with any new camera release the internet is now being attacked by camera tests of all kinds, and even more people to eat them all up as soon as they're uploaded. 

Here's a couole of our favs:
ProRes Vs Raw - D.L. Watson

So here's our hat.  Consider it thrown into the ring.  Enjoy!

Download RAW .DNGs and ProRes (HQ) footage below!

File Size: 5028 kb
File Type: zip
Download File

File Size: 206419 kb
File Type: mov
Download File

One of the hardest battles creative people face is organization.  Here's how we use Day One for iOS & OSX to help us log our mounds of footage and audio.  Enjoy!

Often times, I'm one of those people that will deem the latest social as initially "Stupid and dumb."  And many times, it usually is.  I won't usually adopt a new service unless I see it has real potential and a clear use that makes it stand out from the crowd of social media offerings begging for my attention.

"Vine," a new service launched a couple months ago, allows users to create 6-second loopable movies and upload them to Twitter, Facebook, and the Vine social network.  At first glance, my reaction was "What a stupid waste of time..."  and today I learned I'm wrong (partially) ...

Anyway here's 3 reasons why Vine might be worth your time...

I can't do it unless I have... I hear that theory a lot in the production world, and I couldn't disagree more. 

So you don't have an amazing camera, lights, or money, WHO CARES! 

I know many talented people who can (and did) do a lot with very little. There is something inherently charming and rewarding in working with only what you have available to you, and doing it really well. 

I'd like to share a number of tips that I've learned over time that will help any fledgling director with a story to tell get results. 

Many many times I find myself browsing the forums and blogs of the internets trying to find a simple, no crazyness explanation of some kind of workflow for this or that.  It seems like people just don't take the time to post a super-simple no-nonsense guide to doing something.  It's frustrating!  So, as a service to humanity, I'm going to be that guy.  I might even do a couple posts... hmm...

Anyhoo, one of the things I just couldn't find a good guide on was a RED workflow, you know, a workflow that wasn't based on using FCP7 back in 2009...  So I wanted to let you all in on our workflow on the trailer for Mark of the Ninja: Tetsjuji's Shadow,  which, thanks to a smokin' deal from HD Planet Camera Rentals, was shot on RED Scarlet X.  This is certainly not the only way to do it, but it worked pretty well for us, and it'll definitely get the job done.

So read, learn, enjoy...

Are you a color correction n00b?  That's okay, we all were at some point.  You can learn the basics of CC online through tutorials, but nothing will help you learn better than jumping in and giving it a shot. To get you started, here's some great real-world tips for making your next project pop!

Ever since I started in the multimedia industry, professionals have sworn by their Macs.  It was basically understood that if you were really serious about a career in video production, design, audio work, or building websites, you would buy a Mac.  If you were using a PC, there was really only two assumptions, either you were too poor to afford a mac, or you weren't serious enough to go out and buy one.

In the past couple of years that's all changed.  I have a couple of guesses why the industry is heading towards PC's for multimedia, but I know a few reasons The Division is on it's way to being fully Windows-based.

We just went live with the Tetsuji's Shadow trailer!
This is going to be a short-film based on the smash hit video game Mark Of The Ninja.  Any day now, we'll be announcing the Indiegogo campaign launch date!  Stay tuned- Share - Like - Follow - Sign up for the BACKSTAGE PASS newsletter!
Here at The Division we create reality TV.  We have a couple shows on air right now, and a few in development.  Since the very beginning of our company, we've been all about Final Cut Pro for editing.

About 6 months ago, our company made the decision to switch to Adobe Premiere CS6 as our primary editing app.  So for the last half-year or so, we have a few thoughts.  Here's some of the features in Premiere CS6 that we have grown to really love...

I just thought I'd share a shot I just restored with Magic Bullet DeNoiser II.

I could write a nice article, but just look at the image.  It speaks for itself.

Get it here: http://www.redgiantsoftware.com/products/all/denoiser-II/